Increase Customer Lifetime Value
Increase Revenue and Profits through customer retention,
upsell, cross sell, price premium and reduced service costs
with iOPEX Revenue Generation Services.  

Consumer Services

  • Technical Support
  • Premium Support
  • Customer Service
  • Revenue Generation
  • Assisted Sales

Technology companies need an end-to-end support solution that meets the current and future requirements of their business and customers. They want a true partnership that scales to the demands of the business and delivers the right value.

Businesses today are tapping into the existing expertise of technology support management to provide their customers with a better experience, while also optimally managing the cost of delivering the service.

The business challenge has changed from just cost management to intense operational expertise and deep technical skills.

Technology is as much about ease-of-use to accomplish tasks, as it is about solving problems. We believe that Technical Support should be expected to mirror the same objectives.

At iOPEX, the depth of experience, knowledge, and commitment in technical support comes from our rooted passion for technology.

We know what it means to have technology in our lives and what it is meant to accomplish. We have lived the challenges customers face while using technology. We are committed to resolve these challenges and enhance customer experience.

iOPEX technical support services are delivered with technology expertise at its core. This enables our services to cut across industries and business verticals.
We cover a wide range of technology areas including:
  • PCs with Windows and Mac OS
  • Networking (Wired and Wireless)
  • Mobile Devices (Smartphones and Tablets)
  • Mobile OS – Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone
  • Consumer Cloud Services (Dropbox, iCloud, ShareFile, CloudMe)
  • Consumer Security Software (Antivirus, Spyware, etc.)
  • Connected Devices – Game Consoles, Streaming Devices, Media Servers, Home NAS, etc.
Knowing the technology is only a part of the solution. The other critical part is being able to provide an efficient and optimized support model that balances the cost of technical support (for the client) with the right tools and technology. iOPEX has created a smart technical support platform that learns from previous experience and helps customers in fast-paced resolution of technical issues.


  • Mobile Strategy Consulting
  • Mobile App Development
  • User Experience Designing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise mobility is becoming the number one priority of growing organizations all over the world.

But with mobility fast-tracking business efficiency, the reliability, security, and scalability of generally available enterprise mobility solutions are highly debatable. Poor mobile strategies can directly put critical business information at risk. There is a pressing need for high-quality and customizable mobility solutions that securely enable access and optimize processes.

We understand that enterprise mobility is not just any other tool for augmenting business operations. Rather, we consider this as a whole new ecosystem which converges multiple functionalities that enable your business to run on-the-move. Our aim is to realize the maximum potential of mobility for your business.

Business goals and enterprise readiness analysis
We begin by analyzing your business scenario and objectives to identify various ways through which enterprise mobility solutions can transform your organization and open up new channels of collaboration across your business operations.
Our analysis includes:
  • Gap and user-need analysis
  • Mobile trends and business feasibility analysis
  • Business workflow analysis
  • Enterprise technology landscape analysis

Our 360-degree strategy bridges the gaps between processes, technology, and mobility and lays out a structured approach to align your business goals with your vision of enterprise mobility. We identify the best development platforms and technologies keeping scalability,

technical feasibility, security, and users’ needs in mind. Key features of our strategy:
  • End-to-end mobility architecture and roadmap design
  • Data, application, and middleware integration planning
  • Cross-platform application delivery
  • Security
  • Transition planning
  • Enterprise content management planning

Planning is incomplete till we deliver actual results and business value through successful execution of the mobile strategy. We help organizations with thorough implementation of the mobility infrastructure with:
  • Application conceptualization
  • Mobile app framework, design, and development
  • Mobile app implementation and integration
  • Porting of devices and platforms
  • Mobile device management
  • Application testing

Enterprise Services

  • Data Center Services
  • Cloud & Virtualization Services
  • End User Services
  • Network & Security
  • Enterprise Product
  • Software Dev

With an increasing proliferation of digital information, companies are often at a loss on how best to manage their accumulating data. Years of short-sighted operational procedures such as inadequate storage management policies and inefficient physical infrastructure suddenly get all too evident, and seem impossible to rectify. Added to that is the pressure on IT managers for the efficient management of shared storage resources while reducing the operational cost.

iOPEX provides an extensive package of data center services that facilitate optimized consolidation, centralization, virtualization, and automation of your storage infrastructure, in addition to securing it from unauthorized access. We handle all aspects of your data center issues, from storage, cooling and power, to system integrity and business continuity.

iOPEX's database management services smoothly integrate with your existing data centers.

No matter how vast your accumulated data may be; our intelligent retrieval capabilities let you have all your information at your fingertips by providing a wide range of database solutions such as upgrading to hybrid databases, design and automation, warehousing, and information lifecycle management.

A higher number of storage devices does not necessarily translate into better storage capabilities. Our automated storage management techniques optimize your storage proficiencies by leveraging techniques such as replication, distribution, compression, mirroring, security, and traffic analysis.

Information systems of a business are supported by many operations, such as storage management and network management. These are carried out independent of each other by different vendors. iOPEX analyzes your IT environment and provides solutions that allow the integration and smooth administration of all your system management capabilities, and solve your future IT investment and outsourcing concerns.

We offer network management services through FCAPS model which includes: fault management, configuration, accounting, performance, and security.

iOPEX facilitates not only management of your data centers but also their protection. We assign a dedicated or shared team that monitors your information systems 24X7. The team iteratively reviews the risk exposure of your IT assets and upgrades the security mechanism.

The complexity of information systems is rivaled only by the plethora of applications used to interface with them. Platform compatibility, regular upgrades, and cost reduction are just some of the issues plaguing application management. We offer full-scale application management services that optimize selection, deployment, maintenance, connectivity, and upgrade for all your existing and future application needs.

Opex Consulting Services

  • Outsource
  • Infrastructure
  • Support
  • Application

With an increasing number of options for outsourcing; be it vendors, pricing, or delivery models; enterprises are often posed with the challenge of determining the right fit for their businesses.

iOPEX Outsourcing Optimization services, with our years of outsourcing experience and data analysis capabilities, help in arriving at the "best fit" for your business needs.

iOPEX understands your business model and helps determine potential business functions that you can offload for higher efficiency. Once this is done, we also identify vendors best suited for your needs, and define a pricing and assessment mechanism. Our rigorous quality audits ensure that your brand equity remains intact through excellent customer service. After vendor selection, we work with you to ensure the transition and transformation processes are smooth and free of risks. Post transition and during steady state we act as the quality gate for your organization to ensure that your outsourcing goals are met.

About Us

Your business is your house. You built it with the bricks of technology, infrastructure, people, and processes. But even a house built with the best bricks that money can buy will collapse if its bricks are not in perfect equilibrium. Every company has its own golden proportion - a perfect balance between its technology, infrastructure, people, and process. At iOPEX, we help you realize that golden ratio where your technology and business are in complete synergy, together making your company greater than the sum of its parts.

iOPEX is a new-generation business services provider offering optimized IT management services. We are neither technology consultants nor system integrators. We are process innovators focused on extracting the best out of the investments you have already made. Founded in 2009, the demand for our specialized optimization services has helped us grow to over 1,300 employees in four years.

"To significantly improve operations efficiency and
reduce the cost of operations for our customers."

"To build a global corporation renowned for its relentless focus
on optimization, distinguished by its repertoire
of inventive processes, enterprising staff, and cutting edge tools."


  • iOPEX - Standard
    Consulting Partner
  • iOPEX to expand
    Operations in India
  • Business Line-Smart
    Opex Management

iOPEX's expertise in system design & integration, strategic consulting and application development has led to its induction into the very exclusive AWS Partner Network (APN). This network by Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an international program where the members receive support and assistance in delivering premium web services to their customers.

iOPEX technologies is among the first of the AWS Partners to be publicly accredited with the designation of Standard Consulting Partner. iOPEX qualified for this label after completing a very stringent set of requirements, demonstrating its world class competency as a next generation managed services provider.

This accreditation entitles iOPEX to receive support on any AWS product, through the 24 X 7 X 365 AWS Support Channel. This support channel will cover the entire range of Amazon web services and products, including content delivery, DNS services, cloud storage, security and monitoring.

Clients of iOPEX will be the ones to benefit the most. They will now receive a highly personalized support experience that will enable them to better manage and deploy applications on the cloud. Some of iOPEX's remote management services that will now receive AWS support include database & server management, SaaS, application services and identity & access management. Internet-based clients will also gain from business- business-specific information services that will give them insights into web traffic patterns.

iOPEX's listing in the AWS Partner Directory can be viewed here-

This is the latest in a long line of recent accolades for iOPEX technologies. In spite of being relatively young, iOPEX has grabbed the attention of a number of technology heavyweights, and entered into mutually beneficial partnerships with them. In line with its main goal of being customer focused, these partnerships are meant to make iOPEX a one stop shop for all its client needs.


Chairman & Chief

Chief Executive

SVP - Consumer

Chief Financial

Vice President -

Shiv Kumar is the Founder and Chairman of iOPEX Technologies. He was the Principal Founder of Cybernet-Slash Support CSS along with Shiva Ramani.
He spent his initial 10 years at ICICI and ICICI Securities (an ex-JP Morgan Joint venture), as an investment banker with additional responsibilities of managing technology for the region. Shiv is a great proponent of 'Hybrid-Source', an effective combination of proprietary technology and Open Source technologies to scale large operations and realize significant operational benefits. Shiv takes great interest in emerging technologies / innovations and directs a technical team to develop newer solutions & tools to achieve force-multiplier benefits for iOPEX clients.

Shiv brings a rare combination of financial, technical and operational acumen. He has a keen interest in developing next generation leadership. He helped develop a team of over 100 managers in the past engagement to achieve some of the best results in the services industry, in terms of delivery and financial performance. Shiv is passionately committed to the protection / digitization of old scriptures. He is leading & funding an effort for renovation of specific temples built before 600 AD.


Following is a section of White Papers in our library. White papers are available on request.
Context Centric Delivery
Breaking the myth of
onshore-offshore paradox.
Enabling tools for opex reduction in
IT Management and Tech Support.
Automation in Consulting Practice
for technology services. Migrating
human centric work to automation.
Effectiveness of Integrated Delivery
for cost management in operations
- Consult, Implement, Operate.
Extracting Efficiency
in globally distributed
The Myth of Voice & Non-voice
- a case for integrated experience
availability & better cost management.
Optimizing & Integrating
disparate functions within IT estate for better
availability & better cost management.
Designing A Customer Support Strategy
Build a robust strategy that boosts
customer lifetime value.
Transform your technical support organization into a profit center.
Assisted Sales with Live Video Chat
The latest customer engagement strategy
to boost revenue and build the brand
Unified Experience through Omni-Channel Customer Support
Increasing Customer Satisfaction by offering support when and where it is needed.


At iOPEX, we are committed to providing quality service to all our clients. Our world class service delivery is enabled by our highly skilled team, our robust IT infrastructure, processes and products which meet the international quality standards. Our quality initiatives are blended with our constant endeavor to continually improve the perception of service excellence to our clients. iOPEX is compliant with the following International standards which spell our Policy on Quality Management System.

Provides a model for Information Security Management System.

Applies process approach to ensure customer satisfaction.

Defines the requirements for a service provider to deliver IT managed services of an acceptable quality for its customers.

as set forth by Payment Card Industry Security Standards council, which provides the most comprehensive single framework to address all the security, data integrity and privacy concerns associated with processing electronic payment data.

Our Partners

A business can do all things well, but only some things brilliantly. If we don't have it, we go out & get it. iOPEX has entered
into strategic alliances with a number of market leaders, each of them bringing their own area of expertise to the table.
System Integration Infrastructure
Telephony Android
Messaging Solutions
Messaging/Collaboration Developer Partner Training Automation Virtual Agent
Silver Solution Advisor


Our customers are business heads who absolutely refuse to compromise. We cater to customers, who want it all -- increased performance, but at lower costs, and with existing infrastructure. We derive great pleasure from working with forward thinkers who reach for the skies and we ensure that they get there and beyond. If you fit the description, then iOPEX is the one-stop solution to all your business challenges. Unlike consultants without the operation wisdom, or delivery partners lacking the business context, our solutions assume end-to-end responsibility of all your optimization concerns.

Our varied portfolio of services and products has been leveraged by a customer base that cuts across all domains. The iOPEX clientele spans industry leaders from across the globe – a European telecommunications giant, one of the world's largest computer manufacturers, a multinational communications corporation, and a Fortune 500 security solutions provider among others.

We deploy solutions tailor-made for your business, aligned to your short and long term goals.

We follow a support-focused design and tool development process that reduces costs but ensures personalization and satisfaction of the end consumer.

We are singularly focused on delivering optimized Infrastructure Management and Technical Support services, with deep functional expertise.

You can experience our delivery results with a proof-of-concept model, measurable through key drivers like CSAT and TCS, before long term commitments.

We serve as an advisor, innovator, collaborator, and a logical extension of your operations.

We believe in the risk-reward relationship and will participate in your risks, because we believe in your vision and are confident of our delivery capabilities.

We make responsible performance commitments and deploy our resources to meet and exceed those commitments.

We work to ensure that your decision on iOPEX to be one of the best you have made in your professional career, if not the best.

Success Stories

We don't expect you to take our word on why you need us. Read our case studies to find out how iOPEX optimized businesses across the globe, from start-ups to Fortune 100 multi nationals.
Application Support
Optimizing application support process for a multinational communications company
Application Testing
Minimizing application testing costs and increasing operational efficiency for a telecommunications giant
Enterprise Infrastructure Management
Reducing downtime cost effectively with 24x7 IT support for a global leader in malware prevention solutions
Minimizing customers' portal outages with constant monitoring for a virtual agent provider
Maximizing productivity with reliable 24x7 IT infrastructure support for a premium electric car manufacturer
Meticulous and proactive manual video monitoring for a popular online TV service provider
Ensuring round-the-clock web servers uptime for a leading online educational services provider
Consumer Technical Support
Offering superior user experience by minimizing incident handling time for a computer and peripherals market leader
Service Desk Optimization
Powering performance with a robust infrastructure management solutionfor multinational IT and BPO company
360 degree administration of service desk operations for a leading logistics service provider
Streamlining IT help desk support for a US-based transport industry veteran
Collaboration Enablement
Driving collaboration and increasing operational efficiency for a telecom regulatory organization
Infrastructure Virtualization
Engineering a high-end infrastructure for hosting POC virtualization solutions for an infrastructure service provider


iOPEX is a special place to work. We encourage disruptive thinking that improves our performance and helps exceed customer expectations. iOPEX is a place where your technology skills and your restless focus for process innovations are valued.

If you want to pursue a career in high-end technical support and technology infrastructure services, iOPEX might be a place for you. A career here translates into continual opportunities to expand on what you can do as we help clients become more efficient.

We care deeply for our customers. They depend on our services and the value we bring. We want you to manifest our commitment to deliver exceptional service.

If you believe you possess the technical skills and a strong desire to learn with uncompromising customer focus, we want to hear from you. We encourage you to submit your profile for consideration and based on relevancy we will advise next steps.

Who We Look For

We look for people who measure up to the iOPEXian standard - a benchmark for excellence that we have set throughout the organization.

Exhibiting a rare skill that combines customer focus and a deep contextual understanding of the business with an ability to innovate and deliver beyond expectations.

A person who exhibits above characteristics.

As an iOPEXian, you will face a challenging and dynamic work environment where your growth will depend solely on your initiative. If you think you have what it takes; we look forward to having you on board and be a part of the iOPEX family.


  • People Charter
  • Equal Opportunity
    & Diversity
  • Culture &
  • Fun @ Work
  • Corporate
People Charter
Our future is built on the infinite possibilities that evoke the essence of innovation, igniting our personal brand that shapes customer experiences. Connecting through the unspoken word of integrity and transparency we bring our culture to life.
The iOPEX Code – Our DNA
We believe that our people are our most valuable assets we:
  • Encourage them to rise beyond their boundaries
  • Motivate them through recognition programs and social network programs
  • Empower them through transparent discussions and engaging leadership
  • Offer opportunities to succeed in their role through fairness and respect.
We leverage the collective strength of our organization and our people to achieve growth, which is built around our commitment to our customers.
Our commitment to The iOPEX Code underlines the values that inspire our employees, drive us to excel, and shape our decisions while delivering optimal solutions in a stable equilibrium cutting across platforms and geographies.
Integrity Customer Focus
We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards. We hold ourselves to high moral principles through honesty, commitment, and trust. We build relationships through fairness, respect, and by standing for what is right in a fair and equitable manner. We endeavor to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers. We aim to add value to our customers by being responsive with a solid commitment to delivery. We take ownership, mean what we say, and act as one global team committed to achieving shared goals.
Intrapreneurship Transparency
We encourage iOPEXians to be Intrapreneurial. We promote an Intrapreneurial culture by applying innovation and creativity to everything we do. We help transform ideas into profitable ventures in order to advance and grow. We strive to build a transparent organization. We empower our employees through open communication, cooperation, and trust. We drive professional excellence through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and learning.

Employee Speak

The Intrapreneurial culture of iOPEX and the set of challenges that we have surpassed over the year has given us more opportunities to innovate. Our organization continues to innovate the services in which all the employees can benefit. And these innovations will surely derive high growth results.

iOPEX is a great work place where you can play to your strengths. The last 3 years have been challenging with hurdles that have enabled me enhance my knowledge and experience. Its exponential growth as an organization is exciting and I look forward to many more years at iOPEX.

I joined iOPEX to guide and manage Operations. Discovering my strengths in Program Governance, I moved across teams. Today, I enjoy building and polishing efficient processes for the site. I have the opportunity to take on new roles at iOPEX and I am learning every day.

iOPEX is a growing organization. It is fast-paced, certainly challenging and a lot more than just routine tasks. My passion is to implement new ideas and best practices and at iOPEX I get to see my ideas come to life. It is exciting working at iOPEX.

I dedicate most of my time advancing my knowledge on leadership with the hopes of breeding new talents. I am fortunate to be working with a strong leadership team at iOPEX, and I am looking forward to more years of continued success. I am proud to be
part of iOPEX!

I feel privileged. I started my career with iOPEX, as its first employee. I have been with the company at various stages of its growth. A great place and good people to work and grow with. I like the work culture here and most importantly the flexibility and the challenges in work. My co-workers are fun and friendly, and I feel a real sense of belonging to the iOPEX family.

The opportunity to handle new possibilities abroad at iOPEX is an exciting journey. Working along with Senior Managers and the Management, who placed a high level of responsibility helped me to develop as an individual. The opportunity to learn different cultures and managing different people to deliver a common goal is a great adventure.

Career Development

At iOPEX Technologies our goal is to create a learning environment that enables our employees to access knowledge and skills critical to our mission. By providing resources to learn, our employees measurably improve performance that directly translates into achievements. We are committed to develop and up-skill our employees and support them in their career development. Each employee is supported with 40 hours of training across our range of training programs:

Coaching and Mentoring
Soft Skill Training
Technical Training
Leadership Training

Core to our development program is the guidance we provide to our employees through career counseling and resource management groups. Employees have the freedom to discuss their personal development goals with their supervisor or our career counselor.

Learning opportunities and competency skilling are structured to support the employees' passion to grow in the business, try new roles, or to even work in a different region or country. Employees are exposed to new approaches to doing business which help develop skills needed to become future leaders of the business.

With our overseas offices in four countries and across different regions in India, we have become better at serving our customers and clients. Employees are given opportunities to progress their careers through new challenges and experiences across these regions.

Employees who have the passion to grow with the business are given the opportunity to progress their careers and at the same time adapt to and develop global leadership styles.

Current Openings

Send your resume to
for Chennai openings.
for Manila openings.

Please mention the designation you are
applying for in thesubject of your e-mail.

Disclaimer - We don't engage/authorize
any agents/vendors who will charge
candidates for the placement.
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